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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide shared house environment with communal living space, kitchen and bathroom. Department of Corrections Probation Officers and often the NZ Police undertake regular visits to provide mandatory support and to monitor adherence to bail conditions.  Bail conditions could include EM Bail or 24/7 curfew except out with a NZ BASS program facilitator. We also help individuals to find stable accommodation to move on to.

    Everything we do is to sustain the person’s tenancy in our community and aid them to a crime-free future.

    Bail defendants who are Male and unable to provide an address, or who could not be bailed without proper support. More than half of those housed in NZ BASS accommodation facilities are on 24/7 curfew or em bail with 24/7 curfew except out with a program facilitator.

    One on one Counselling Sessions (offsite) Group Counselling Sessions (onsite) Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Support Group Sessions (onsite) NA and AA Meetings Onsite Drug Testing Peer Support Kaimahi Whanau Support Whanau re-integration / development Anger Management Depression Youth Support Addiction Services Seeking Employment Group Meetings Parenting Voluntary Work

    We only accept Male defendants on remand (Pre-sentenced)

    Please have your Lawyer phone us to to go through our vetting process to ensure you meet our criteria.