Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly rent payments $450 per week. 

In Addition to weekly rent, NZ BASS running costs for staff 24/7 and facilitating your rehabilitation and reintegration programmes/ activities. 

Contact us for a free private consultation over the phone Services include (3 Months – Inpatient) All Inclusive of Meals, Travel to and from court (Auckland), Programmes & Activities, Accommodation, Security, Reports for Court.

Outpatient – (Up until your sentencing or trial) Free of Charge once you have completed our inpatient programme. (Fees may apply for continual programme reporting and EMBail Weekly Programme Schedule).

See our (click)  Initial Application Form.  

For any further questions, payment enquiries or plans please phone us. 

You may appeal the courts decision if bail is declined, but this is decision for you to make alongside your lawyer.  

The fee will ensure your placement and bed with us is held for up to 28 days starting from the day you make payment.  

We do our very best alongside your lawyer to ensure you do get bail.  This might include attending your hearing, sending your lawyer a support pathway letter outlining a specific plan for you.  Or sending your lawyer material to assist him in court.   

Also we may send your lawyer a sworn affidavit if required.  


01 0221 0766624 00

We accept residents on EM Bail.

Phone us today for a free consultation 0800 NZ BAIL.

Using our online application form is the fastest way.  Here: https://www.nzbail.co.nz/initial-application-from/  Have your lawyer contact us. 

2nd step is that NZ BASS has a vetting process.  This means the person who needs bail will be assessed based on his charges and if he is the right fit for NZ BASS.  We take into consideration safety of staff, other residents and also public safety.  Please don’t be offended if your application is declined.   You’re more than welcome to query the reason as to why the person is declined. 

3rd Step – once payment has been made NZ BASS will send your Lawyer a welcome letter which can be used in court.  We will reserve your bed up to 4 weeks and no longer than 6 weeks.

The welcome/acceptance letter will outline the courses that you will be attending and a “Pathway Plan” or “Action Plan” tailored for the person.

4th Step – The courts decide if you will get bail or not.  If Bail is granted, we will collect you from Mt Eden or court and bring you back to NZ BASS.  Your room will have been setup and things such as toiletries and basic essentials will be there for you.

Our facility has Weights/Gym Equipment, table tennis,  Free Superfast WIFI, Netflix, Spotify, in-house and external programs.  Just talk to one of our friendly staff.

  • One on one Counselling Sessions (offsite & onsite)
  • Better Blokes (onsite)
  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings (onsite)
  • Random Onsite Drug Testing & Sniffer Drug Dogs
  • Peer Support Kaimahi
  • Whanau Support & Rehabilitation Plan
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Addiction Services
  • Group Morning Meetings
  • PPP Postive Parenting Program – Waipareira Trust
  • Community Voluntary Work

House Rules


  1. No Visitors – WED & SUNDAYS ONLY
  2. No Drugs or Alcohol on Premises
  3. No Gang Colours / Clothing / Signs or Equivalent
  4. Smoking to be in designated areas ONLY! Top Deck
  5. Respect Other Tenants & Neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum. Use earphones where necessary
  6. Entry to the building after 10pm by anyone other than staff, probation or police is prohibited
  7. All Rooms are to be tidy at all times for random inspections by either staff, landlord, police, drug dogs.
  8. Keep Kitchen areas clean after use
  9. I will respect the decision of the HOUSE HOST
  10. This premises including you/your visitors may be inspected at any time by NZ Bail Accommodation & Support Services staff, Police, Probation, 3rd Party Drug Testing Agency and or Drug Dogs
  11. You will be subject to a 24/7 curfew, except offsite with an approved NZ BASS Program Facilitator or where EMBAIL has approved your absence.


Failure to comply with NZ BASS rules will result in an instant withdrawal of Bail without warning or without notice

The safety and wellbeing of both volunteers and residents is our absolute priority. NZ BASS has consistently taken early and swift actions to ensure this. This includes imposing a ban on all internal and external rehab courses/meetings.  There is hand sanitiser, gloves and face masks at the entrance of NZ BASS for residents & staff to use.

NZ BASS has placed a huge emphasis on limiting visitors and also Volunteers from entering the premises.  One of our staff remains at home watching our 16 carefully placed security cameras  ahead of recent Government requests for people to work from home where at all possible.

***DUE TO COVID-19, NZ Bass has had to cancel most programs/group in-house meetings.   However, we are working with program providers to move online using ZOOM.   Narcotics Anonymous is just one example in-house of how we’ve made this transition online.  We’re working hard to continue to provide support & programs for our men.   *****

If your consent to reside on our programme is withdrawn and you are dismissed from NZ BASS due to breaking our NZ BASS rules or your court conditions, you will likely need to find a new bail address or may be subjected to being placed back in custody until an address is arranged.

No refunds are implied or issued if NZ BASS withdraws consent for you reside.  Or if you change your mind or require a bail variation during your stay with us.   However there might be special circumstances that require a partial refund and this can be discussed with Management. It will be at the discretion of the director whether or not a refund will be issued.

If you are accepted we will send you or your lawyer a “letter of placement” securing your place here.  You can use this acceptance letter in court to let the Judge know that you have a Bail address and the proper support so that you don’t have to wait any longer in prison.

Ultimately it is up to the Courts.  We do require you to be on 24/7 curfew to attend our compulsory programmes & activities.  However if you are bailed to BASS without a bracelet, then you may only leave the premises with an NZ BASS Program Facilitator / Supervisor or be on an approved BASS absence.  This is to ensure that you are taken care of and that we know your whereabouts at all times should you be bail checked by Police. 

Visits are only on Wednesdays 1-5pm and Sundays 1-5pm. .  permission must be sought and approval given if any other visit to the premises is required.. 

We do our best to cater to having your Whanau, kids and friends support you through this stressful time.  We are also mindful of other residents and neighbours hence why our visiting times are limited. 

Your visitors, especially kids must be supervised at all times during visits.  

Visits are to be outside in common areas such as the lounge areas or outdoors on our deck area.


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    Everything we do is to sustain a persons tenancy in our community and aid them to a crime-free future.

    Copyright © NZ BASS All rights reserved.

    Copyright © NZ BASS All rights reserved.